Electronic devices should be robust and easily repairable — and laws should encourage or enforce this, members of the European Parliament said Tuesday.
They want to end the planned obsolescence of consumer electronics devices and software — which are often also used as business tools thanks to the consumerization of IT.
One of their recommendations could help avoid a repeat of the Galaxy Note7 debacle: Batteries should be removable unless safety dictates that they be glued into the product. Samsung Electronics’ task would have been a lot simpler if it had only had to exchange the faulty batteries, rather than recall and rework millions of devices.
When devices do break down, their owners shouldn’t be forced to go back to the manufacturer for spares and service, the legislators said, approving a resolution on the matter by 662 votes to 32 on Tuesday.
Instead, manufacturers should allow owners to take faulty devices to independent repairers, and make …