VIOLENT clashes erupted as rioters stormed Venezuela’s National Assembly today, leaving MPs injured and the country on the brink of civil war.
Blood was seen spattered on the walls after supporters of President Nicolas Maduro burst into parliament while opposition politicians were marking Independence Day.
Brandishing guns and dressed in red, the activists fired shots, threw stones and set off fireworks in the capitol building in Caracas, local reports claimed.
Shocking images show the walls dripping in blood and two opposition politicians with blood running down their faces.
The government supporters reached as far as the corridors of the congressional building, reportedly striking and injuring at least three lawmakers.
Some local reports have said up to eight people are understood to have been injured.
Pro-opposition Venezuelan website La Patilla said several deputies had been attacked by the mob.
It said there were “several injured inside the AN (National Assembly) who were beaten by violent groups”.
Those injured are said to …