Save the whale campaigns in and around Australia have existed for years. Globally, they remain very popular. Illegal whaling, as well as the impact of oil refinery at sea has made it a hot topic for environmental agencies for decades.
And it seems as though the hard work is paying off. Sperm whales, humpback whales… They’re all seeing their numbers rise. But the southern right whale is still in some danger in the area.
The Cetacean Research Unit are trying to find out more about what can be done to help. They’re currently conducting a large study on the breeding and calving behaviors of these southern right whales. And recently caught a rare white calf on their drone camera. Only 5% of right whale calves are born white, so it was quite the discovery!
Claire Charlton, a researcher from Curtin University, told Australian TV this: “Last year was one of our lowest years …