According to the Korean Central News Agency Kim Jong-un said: “American bastards would be not very happy with this gift sent on the July 4 anniversary.”
Pyongyang’s official news agency also reported the North Korean leader laughed before adding “that we should send them gifts once in a while to help break their boredom”.
KCNA are renowned for spouting propaganda and are the major mouthpiece for the Kim regime.
The defiant comments come as the North made a major breakthrough in its first intercontinental ballistic missile test, in a move which has alarmed experts and sparked global condemnation.
Australia was quick to condemn the DPRK, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop calling North Korea “provocative” for testing the missile amid speculation it is capable of delivering a nuclear weapon to Northern Australia and the US state of Alaska.
The brazen move comes months after US President Donald Trump tweeted North Korea wasn’t capable of developing a …