A suicide bomber dressed in an all-covering robe killed 14 people at a refugee camp, according to officials.
The deaths happened at a camp housing displaced people in part who have left areas held by Isis, Iraqi authorities in Baghdad said.
A police officer who died in the attack had become suspicious about the attacker and walked up to him to embrace him – apparently as a way of sacrificing himself to minimise the number of casualties – and the attacker detonated the explosives as he did so. That police colonel and another 13 people are now dead, said Councilman Taha Abdul-Ghani, alongside 20 more who are injured.
Mr Abdul-Ghani says the attack took place at dusk on Sunday as authorities were accommodating families that had fled from the Islamic State-held town of Qaim.
There was no official claim of responsibility for the attack, though suspicion fell immediately on Isis. The group has been …