Stephen Hawking has warned that Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change could “push the Earth over the brink” and lead to a point where global warming is “irreversible”.
The President announced last month that the US would be withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, which has been signed by nearly 200 nations, claiming he wants to “renegotiate” the US’s part in the agreement to ensure American businesses are not disadvantaged.
He has highlighted the coal industry as one that would suffer under the climate change deal. 
Mr Trump’s decision has been widely criticised, with France, Italy and Germany issuing a statement that the deal is “not negotiable,” while Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her “disappointment” to the President in a phone call at the time.
Former President Barack Obama hit out at the decision, while the leaders of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Goldman Sachs condemned Mr Trump’s judgement.
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