Italians are facing one of the most intense scramble in a decade to get a job this summer, as evident by the record number of people who applied for just 30 spots in a bank in Italy.
According to British daily the Telegraph, 85,000 candidates have applied for 30 jobs at the Bank of Italy. To put that into perspective, about 2,800 people will be competing for a single job.
The bank has made some evaluations and eliminations, but the number still stands at a whopping 8,000 applications.
The state bank is searching for 30 deputy assistants and a junior executive with an annual salary of 28,000 euros. The chosen ones will start their new jobs next year.
However, this was not the first such incident for Italy. Back in 2015 more than 32,000 people had applied for just 94 public administration jobs, or the previous year, when 7,000 applications were made for just …