Reindeer herders in the area of Seyakh, a village on the eastern coast of the Yamal Peninsula in the morning of June 28th reported the incident to the local authorities. They say that they from the distance saw flaring flames and a column of smoke from the area, TASS reports.
It is believed that the explosion took place place about 30-40 km from Seyakh. Russian space authorities have been requested to localise the exact site of the incident.
The Yamal Peninsula covers a more than 700 km long area between the Gulf of Ob and the Kara Sea and is among Russia’s least populated regions. It is inhabited mostly by the indigenous reindeer herding Nenets people and a gradually increasing number of oilmen.
It is not the first explosion of its kind. Over the last years, several major methane blasts have occured in the gas-rich peninsula. In 2014, a major sinkhole was discovered …