By setting a new Guinness reforestation record the people of the Indian state Madhya Pradesh have planted more than 67 million trees in just 12 hours.
The event took place on Sunday in central Indian of Madhya Pradesh, and more than 1.5 million people from all fields of life, from housewives to government officials participated in this event and planted a total of 6,67,50,000 trees in just 12 hours. There are 24 districts of Narmada river basin participated for the plantation, and two-dozen varieties of sapling included from different nurseries around the state.
Maximum planting that has recorded earlier held in Uttar Pradesh another Indian state planted nearly 50 million trees in a span of 24 hours in July 2016.
According to the chief minister of state Shivraj Singh Chouhan, “I am greatly indebted to all who are planting trees today. We will be contributing significantly to saving nature. By participating in a …