The Faroese Government say that 295 whales have been killed this year in the infamous “grindadráp” – the traditional harvest of hundreds of whales.
Grindadráp is the local name for a yearly event that sees the people of the Faroe Islands, an archipelago under Denmark, hunt pilot whales as well as other marine animals such as bottlenose dolphins, white-sided dolphins and Risso’s dolphins. The first of such event was recorded as early as 1584. Grindadráp involves stranding entire pods of small cetaceans on certain designated beaches. They’re then killed.
In recent years, the annual event has come into the international spotlight over its “inhumane” slaughtering methods and the lack of regulation. Despite continued campaigns by activists, locals cling to an ancient tradition. Over the past three centuries, the Faroese have taken an average of 838 pilot whales each year.
The first Grindadrap of this …