At least one of those evacuated from their homes after the Grenfell Tower disaster has been charged rent on their flat since a devastating fire swept through the block, killing at least 80 people, it emerged today.
But a senior Kensington councillor appeared to play down the incident, saying on Saturday that the council had done many “good things” to help residents deal with the tragedy.
The woman checked her bank account earlier this week only to find rent had been deducted for the flat next to the 24-storey tower from where she was evacuated, along with hundreds of others in the surrounding buildings, when fire engulfed it on June 14.
It is not known how many other Grenfell evacuees have also had rent deducted for their burnt out homes, but there is still widespread anger among the north Kensington community over the council’s slow and inept response to the tragedy.
Yvette Williams, of the Justice4Grenfell …