Martin Schulz (2ndL), leader of Germany's Social Democrat party (SPD) and candidate for chancellor poses with guests, among them moderator Alfonso Pantisano (2ndR) and a rainbow colored flag on June 28, 2017 during the "courtyard-party" (Hoffest) of the SPD's parliamentary group at the "Haus der Kulturen der Welt" in Berlin / AFP PHOTO / Tobias SCHWARZTOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images

Germany’s parliament is expected to vote to legalise same-sex marriage despite divisions on the issue inside Angela Merkel’s party.
The opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) called for the vote in an amendment entitled “marriage for all”, in a key victory ahead of September’s federal elections.
“We will push through marriage equality in Germany. This week,” said Martin Schulz, the SPD head and former European Parliament president.
At a parliamentary group meeting on Wednesday, Ms Merkel accused his party of “ambushing” her by bringing forward a vote on an issue that divides her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU).
“It’s sad and completely unnecessary that such a decision has turned into a political confrontation at the very moment when there was a realistic outlook for a process that could have crossed party lines,” the Chancellor told Wirtschaftswoche magazine. “Every member of parliament should be able to follow their conscience.”
Ms Merkel’s party, which holds 254 out of 630 seats …