LONDON — Britain announced Monday that it will begin testing the fire safety of exterior cladding on schools, hospitals and private residential buildings after examinations of samples from dozens of public housing towers in recent days produced a 100 percent failure rate.
Out of 75 high-rise buildings tested since last week, communities minister Sajid Javid told Parliament late Monday afternoon, not one has passed. That’s up from 60 failures out of 60 on Sunday – with hundreds more yet to be examined.
The rapidly growing evidence of a vast problem with fire safety in Britain came less than two weeks after London’s 24-story Grenfell Tower was transformed overnight from a home for hundreds into a charred ruin. 
At the time, officials described it as a horrific anomaly – an “unprecedented” blaze, in the words of the city’s fire commissioner, the likes of which had not been seen in modern Britain. 
But after the …