Jeremy Corbyn has stormed ahead of Theresa May in a new opinion poll just weeks after the Prime Minister failed to win a majority in the latest election.
Labour is five points ahead of the Tories at 46 per cent, found the Sunday Times.
The survey, which took a random sample of 5,000 people, also found that Ms May’s approval rating is at minus 17, a mirror opposite to Mr Corbyn’s plus 17.
Mr Corbyn stunned the pollsters and commentators when he gained 34 seats in the 8 June election, including constituencies like Kensington and Canterbury.
The Labour leader benefited from a strong turnout and youthful voters, to whom he appealed to during a speech at Glastonbury.
“Let us be together and recognise that another world is possible if we come together,” he said, as the audience called out his name. “To understand that, understand the power we’ve got and achieve that decent, better society where everyone matters.”
Ms May is reportedly …