MASONIC lodges in York are opening up their doors to the public today as Freemasonry celebrates its 300th anniversary.
David Bowman, Worshipful Master of the Eboracum No1611 Lodge based in St Saviourgate, said it was hoping to see as many visitors as possible between 10am and 6pm.
“Tours as well as free refreshments are available,” he said.
“It promises to be a unique event, with Lady Freemasons being allowed to join the men at a Masonic event.
“The Ladies, like their male counterparts, will be present on the day wearing their full Masonic regalia.
“The York Ladies Masonic Lodge was formed over 60 years ago, a fact not many York residents will be aware of. Nationally there have been Lady Masons for over 100 years.This year is the 300th anniversary of the founding of Freemasonry in England. This open day forms part of the National Tercentenary celebrations. Our lodge is celebrating its 140th anniversary this …