The Kochi Metro had earned quite a few plaudits — including from Prime Minister Narendra Modi — for taking the challenge to employ transgenders among its ranks.
However, that step may not end up being as much of a success, mostly thanks to certain sections of society not being receptive enough to rent out their homes to transgenders. 
The development is especially disheartening because other, private organisations had started to open their doors for transgenders and give them white-collar work. 
Pride and prejudice?
That the Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) had inducted transgenders into their ranks had been commended by Modi himself in his speech at the formal inauguration of the transport service.
He had said that a “noteworthy aspect” of the Kochi Metro project was that “nearly 1,000 women and 23 transgenders are being selected to work in the Kochi Metro Rail System.” Actually, there were 23 jobs for transgenders in the first phase, but …