On a recent Sunday morning in Chibolya Secondary School, in the Zambian capital of Lusaka, more than ten churches conducted services in several classrooms. The noise made it hard to concentrate on any sermon.
Hundreds of people flocked to the area to hear a so-called prophetic word. This refers to a prophecy tailored to serve one individual at a particular time. It is a foretelling of personal events and the congregants loved it.
The most popular prophecies are about marriage, jobs, wealth and money miraculously appearing in bank accounts. But prophecies are only one of the items on sale at these churches. The list includes anointed underwear, water, brooms and hand wash.
Exploring people’s greed
27-year-old Aidah Phiri from Lusaka has spent hundreds of dollars praying for miracles to happen. She also engaged in a kind of church hopping trying to make her dreams come true.”Personally I think that some people don’t know God. …