Human Rights Watch and the Associated Press have just published explosive new reports on a secret network of prisons in southern Yemen run by the United Arab Emirates and Yemeni forces. Dozens of people, including children, have been “arbitrarily detained, forcibly disappeared, tortured, and abused” in these prisons, according to Human Rights Watch. American forces reportedly participated in interrogations of detainees who were abused, a potential violation of international law. For more, we speak to Kristine Beckerle of Human Rights Watch.
AMY GOODMAN: So, Human Rights Watch and AP have just come out with this big report called “UAE Backs Abusive Local Forces: Resolve ‘Disappearances'”—it says, “UAE Backs Abusive Local Forces.” Can you talk about the report? What is the title?
KRISTINE BECKERLE: Sure. So, what we—it’s the UAE is backing abuse of local forces in Yemen. And we call upon them to do is to resolve disappearances and to grant access …