The death of a cyclist has provoked anger in Germany after it emerged the driver responsible is a Saudi who cannot be prosecuted because he has diplomatic responsibility.
Police said the unnamed driver had opened the door of his Porsche directly into the cyclist’s path in Berlin’s fashionable Neukölln district without checking to see if the road was clear.
The 55-year-old cyclist, named only as Michael E under German privacy laws, had no time to brake or swerve out of the way. He was rushed to hospital but died of his injuries.
Police said tha
The German foreign ministry has sent a verbal note to the Saudi embassy over the incident. Under diplomatic treaties, the German authorities can ask Saudi Arabia to waive the man’s immunity so he can be prosecuted, or formally expel him.
But diplomats say it is more likely the Saudis will be allowed to withdraw him quietly from the country.
“We were …