The pilot of Syrian fighter plane recently shot down by the US-led coalition has been found in the countryside of Raqqah.
According to Sputnik, Captain Ali fahd was found alive and well by Syrian troops in the village of Shuwaihat in southern Raqqah on Monday.
The pilot had landed close to the village after successfully parachuting from his Sukhoi Su-22 aircraft, which was shot down on Sunday. After the Syrian army announced that one of its planes had been shot down, the US claimed that it had targeted the plane “in collective self-defense of coalition-partnered forces” in Syria’s Tabqa.
Meanwhile, Syrian military sources have announced that during operations carried out around the countryside of Raqqah, they managed to liberate some 20 farms and villages.
The sources noted that over several hundred terrorists were also killed during the operations, which also destroyed 6 military vehicles, 11 tanks, 10 cannons, …