The federal government is imposing a cap of 15 days on holding prisoners in solitary confinement, but some say the move is not enough to meet the international bar for human rights.
Under a new bill tabled in the House of Commons Monday, Correctional Service Canada will have an 18-month transition period, during which time the cap will be set at 21 days, after it passes in to law.
“The objective is to contain that to the absolute minimum. I don’t believe that should be part of our process. We’re moving away from it,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told CBC News Network’s Power & Politics in an interview with host Rosemary Barton.
He said the bill is part of an overall move by the government to address issues related to inmates with mental illness, the over-representation of Indigenous people behind bars and the overuse of segregation with policy, legal reforms, and budgetary spending.
Proposed time limits are subject to safety …