They were hiding in their boss’ basement for weeks before fleeing for their lives at dawn last Tuesday.
Ian Torres, a 25-year-old man who had come to Marawi for a job, said the militants were hunting for Christians and other minority groups door to door.
The militants, local insurgent groups loyal to ISIS, began their attack on the city on May 23, announcing that they intended to create a caliphate in the Philippines’ only Muslim-majority city.
Since the beginning of their assault, the militants have killed more than 300 people, according to Philippine military.
According to their account and other people who have fled the city, a number of local Muslims have been risking their lives to protect their Christian friends and workers.
Weeks ago, another Muslim man gave shelter to 64 Christians in his home as terrorists were hunting for them.
Noor Lucman, a Muslim who lives in Marawi, gave shelter to Christians were working …