Leadership of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Saturday that in 10 days of fighting they have controlled four districts in Raqqa city, killed 312 ISIS militants and have captured seven ISIS Jihadists alive since the Raqqa city operation was launched on 6 June.
Moreover, 15 SDF fighters have lost their lives in the battle and 21 fighters were injured. In total, they have captured the four districts of al-Mishlab, al-Sabahiya, al-Romaniya, and Sinaa.
From the 312 dead ISIS militants, 39 ISIS bodies are in the hands of the SDF forces.
During the fighting the Kurdish-led SDF destroyed several ISIS tools such as motorcycle and car bombs, boats, mortar systems, heavy artillery and an explosive factory.
Moreover, the SDF forces seized several heavy weapons from ISIS, including Turkish-made weapons.
Furthermore, 4 ISIS drones were shut down by the SDF and clashes continue in areas close to the Raqqa Post Office, 23rd Street, al-Batany …