The gap between rich and poor across the globe is even wider than we currently think, according to a new analysis.
Official estimates of inequality only take into account the money that the tax man sees, according to a recent paper by economists, Annette Alstadsæter, Niels Johannesen and Gabriel Zucman. 
But recent leaks of vast caches of documents from secretive jurisdictions such as Panama and Switzerland have given a more accurate picture of the sheer scale of global tax evasion – most of it carried out by very wealthy people.
The three economists have used this trove of data to make a new assessment of the true wealth of the planet’s richest people, and thus a potentially more accurate measure of just how much richer they are than those at the bottom.
Until now, most assessments of wealth have relied on random tax audits, which do not pick up hidden offshore assets. 
This would not impact measurements global inequality if the …