A Tory minister said he understood what it was like to live on a zero-hours contract because he once worked as a barrister, charging £250 per hour.
During a 2013 parliamentary debate about the problem of insecure work, Guy Opperman said: “It is right that we debate issues of low pay and the nature of contracts in this House. 
“I should make a declaration, Mr Speaker, that as a former barrister I was unquestionably on a zero-hours contract in that I was an employee not obliged to be given work by my employer and in that particular circumstance I had to accept though.”
He went on to defend the controversial contracts, which do not guarantee any work. Zero-hours contracts “help to plug a gap”, Mr Opperman said, adding that MPs should not criticise councils who have employed workers in this way. 
In her reshuffle this week, Prime Minister Theresa May promoted the MP to a …