A researcher from the University of Manitoba is mulling in irony after pack ice off the coast of Newfoundland forced him and his team to abandon their research into the effects of climate change.
Lead researcher, David Barber, was on his way Hudson Bay with 39 researchers to examine the effects of climate change and freshwater systems on marine life in Hudson Bay.
When they reached the Strait of Belle Isle they stumbled on the harsh ice conditions and dozens of trapped vessels. The team was on the Canadian Research Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen so they abandoned their research and began to free and escort vessels to safety.
Barber says the irony is palpable.
He says it’s ironic that he and his colleagues were on the way to study the effects of climate change while climate change conspired to bring down high arctic ice to Newfoundland effectively ending their research.
Spearheaded by the University of Manitoba …