Archaeology fans, gird yourselves for a new discovery: a hidden Aztec temple has been unearthed in the middle of Mexico City. 
It’s not just the structure that has been found, either – archaeologists believe that human remains discovered onsite belong to sacrificial victims.
The site is on a side street in the centre of Mexico City, near the Templo Mayor – an Aztec temple which was demolished by the Spaniards, who built a church on top of it. The remains of the temple were excavated in the 1980s and the archaeological finds housed in a museum.
The ‘new’ temple, archaeologists have discovered, was dedicated to Ehécatl, the god of ‘good’ winds that brought rain. It is 36m long, with two circular buildings off the main temple, connected via a walkway. There is a 9m ritual ball court nearby. The excavations – unveiled to the press last week – have taken seven years so …