Mr Golding has claimed he was “abused” for “standing on a British pavement and filming” but a video posted on social media by the mosque contradicts his story.
The Britain First leader claimed he was surrounded by a “mob of Muslims and white liberals screaming abuse” and also suggested he was spat at and had things thrown at him. 
“This used to be our area, it will be our area once again,” Mr Golding is heard saying outside the mosque. 
The footage also shows a woman coming up to Mr Golding and telling him he “is not welcome” as she is ushered away.
In a statement the East London Mosque told the Huffington Post: “The far-right Britain First group turned up again outside the East London Mosque today, as the congregation prepared for midday prayers and collected donations for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.
“Far-right extremist Paul Golding and his cronies have targeted the local Muslim community in …