In an op-ed for, Paul said lawmakers and their constituents should have a say in the arms deal.
“In 2016, Congress overwhelmingly voted to allow the family members of those killed in the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia. So why, less than a year later, are we agreeing to sell Saudi Arabia billions of dollars in arms to further escalate a war that has been loudly and repeatedly condemned internationally?” Paul wrote.
The senator also cited Saudi Arabia’s continued military campaign in Yemen as a reason to oppose the arms sale.
“Already, U.S. military assistance through intelligence, refueling missions, and the sale of major U.S. defense equipment has not abated the humanitarian crisis in Yemen,” Paul said. 
“If anything, it has exacerbated it, and it has associated our name with Saudi Arabia’s tactics in Yemenis’ minds.”
Also Sen. Paul railed against US weapons sales to Saudi Arabia at the Senate in Washington DC on Tuesday, …