Twelve people have died in a west London tower block fire and the number of deaths is expected to rise, police have said.
Firefighters rescued 65 people from Grenfell Tower in north Kensington, after they were called at 00:54 BST.
Witnesses said people were trapped in the tower block, screaming for help and yelling for their children to be saved.
Theresa May said there will be a full investigation and “if there are any lessons to be learned they will be”.
It is understood that “several hundred” people would have been in the block when the fire broke out, most of them sleeping.
The ambulance service said 68 patients had been taken to six hospitals across London, with 18 in critical care. A further 10 patients made their own way to hospital.
During the night, eyewitnesses said they saw lights – thought to be mobile phones or torches – flashing at the top of the block …