Is it possible to plagiarize the work and ideas of a fictional character?
If so, a politician in Mexico has accomplished just that. The similarities between the Netflix show House of Cards and real-life politics in Latin American has been somewhat of a running joke. But Miguel Angel Covarrubias Cervantes, the former mayor of a small central Mexican town, has taken the comparison to another level. He took a speech made by president Frank Underwood, the unscrupulous character played by Kevin Spacey in the show, and turned it into his own video address. He didn’t give Underwood any credit.
Here’s what the young politician uploaded on his Facebook page:
“They say that we have the government that we deserve, and I think that Mexico deserves something bigger,” he starts.
Covarrubias’s speech wasn’t a word-by-word copy, but it was pretty close. For example, Underwood’s version says “leaders” instead of “government” in the opening line. A …