Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has effectively abandoned all hope of retrieving millions of dollars of capital,  real estate and luxury goods after the US Justice Department formally filed an asset-forfeiture with the Supreme Court on Friday.
The case is unprecedented as Dotcom has never once stepped-foot on US soil. The US claim jurisdiction over Dotcom because his site Megaupload operated some servers from the US.
The Finnish-German tech entrepreneur’s bank accounts in New Zealand and Hong Kong were seized, as well as multiple cars, four jet skis, Dotcom’s mansion, several luxury cars, two 108-inch TVs, three 82-inch TVs, a $10,000 watch, and a photograph by Olaf Mueller worth more than $100,000.
Dotcom is currently on bail in New Zealand and fighting extradition to the US in a complex legal battle. He is therefore a fugitive under US law and unable to challenge the US Supreme Court under the Fugitive Disentitlement Doctrine.
His defense claims …