Jeremy Corbyn was given a standing ovation by Labour MPs as he returned to the House of Commons, having led his party to an unexpectedly strong showing in the general election.
It was the first parliamentary sitting since last week’s poll, which saw the Conservatives lose their Parliamentary majority and Labour surge in the polls.
Mr Corbyn grinned as he made his way to the front of the Opposition benches on Tuesday, to the sound of applause from his MPs.
One, Richard Burgon, claimed Prime Minister Theresa May had laughed “uneasily” at the ovation.
It was an unusual sight given Mr Corbyn’s previous problems uniting his party. He has faced a number of rebellions and even a no-confidence motion despite winning two leadership elections.
Since dawn on Friday revealed the extent of her misstep at the polls, Ms May has been forced into finding allies in the Commons in order to wield enough power to pass …