A criminal case was initiated on an attack on policemen after the detentions in Tverskaya Street.
866 people were detained In Moscow during the protest rally on June 12. Such figures, according to information on the morning of June 13, are reported by OVD-Info.
The detainees were taken to 42 Moscow police stations, after which most of them were released. At least 32 people were left for the night in 11 departments.
The police officially informed only about 150 detainees in Moscow and about 500 detainees in St. Petersburg.
According to OVD-Info, detainees were left for the night in 14 St. Petersburg police departments. As of 3 a.m., 245 people were there. It is not specified whether they were in the departments until the morning.
Fontanka reports that 400 administrative protocols have …