Using an app, Norwegian cyclists will report the routes they take on two wheels, helping researchers to find the best places to build new cycle lanes.
Aslak Fyrhi of the Norwegian Centre for Transport Research told NRK that the data collection could contribute to better cycling infrastructure in the cities.
“By finding out in more detail where people actually cycle, society can hopefully build new cycle paths in the right places,” he told NRK.
The researcher is calling for bicycle count volunteers in nine different areas to report where they are and where they cycle.
Fyrhi’s goal is to recruit 3,000-4,000 cyclists in Bergen, Stavanger, Bodø, Tromsø, Trondheim, Oslo and Moss, as well as the Frederikstad-Sarpsborg and Buskerudbyen urban areas.
“We want help from cyclists, whether they cycle every day or just occasionally, on normal bicycles or electronic ones,” he said.
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