Mandatory Credit: Photo by Xinhua News Agency/REX (7641848e) A Syrian girl looks in the mirror at her war-shattered neighborhood of eastern Aleppo city, northern Syria Conflict in Syria - 20 Dec 2016 Civilians started returning to their original neighborhoods to check on their homes and belongings they had left behind when they fled eastern Aleppo almost four years ago. The Syrian army has recently dislodged the rebels out of that part of the city recently.

More civilians caught up in the Syrian conflict were killed by US-led coalitions than by Isis or Russian-led forces in the last month, according to figures released by a human rights organisation.
The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), found Isis killed 119 civilians in Syria in March, including 19 children and 7 women, with Russian forces believed to have killed 224 civilians in the same month, including 51 children and 42 women.
The SNHR found the international coalition forces, led by the US, killed 260 civilians, including 70 children and 34 women.
In the same month, reports of civilian deaths from US air strikes across Syria and Iraq soared to an all-time high, according to Airwars, a British monitoring group, which found there were 1,472 casualties linked to US air strikes in March. 
While on the campaign trail in 2015, Donald Trump pledged to “bomb the s**t” out of Isis if he became President, and coalition warplanes have …