PROTESTERS wearing shark costumes with the fins cut off surrounded a famous restaurant beside the Hong Kong harbour on Saturday, to demand it halt sales of shark fins, especially from threatened species, such as the whale shark.
Demonstrators shouted and waved placards as they approached the Chinese territory’s Maxims Palace, half-owned by a unit of conglomerate Jardine Matheson Group and filled with people eating dim sum, but police kept them out.
“Stop selling,” chanted the group of about 70 adults and children, some of them holding placards that read, “Maxims, stop selling endangered shark fin ‘upon request.’”
Jardines, which operates in industries from luxury hotels to mining and transport, controls Dairy Farm International Holdings, which has a 50 percent stake in Maxims.
In an email to Reuters, Maxims said it had cut the volume of shark fins sold in its restaurants by more than half in the past 6 years, and only sold products …