Oksana Baulina, who now runs Navalny Live, the live-streaming companion to the original Navalny YouTube channel, worked on that mayoral bid.
Wearing an old campaign t-shirt which says “Only Navalny, only hard work” in big, black letters, Baulina says the events of 2013 give her hope.
“Experts or even supporters didn’t believe that Navalny would be allowed to take part in the mayoral elections,” she says, let alone that he’d come away with 27% of the vote, narrowly falling short of a runoff.
Navalny has now set his sights on Russia’s 2018 presidential election, despite being found guilty of embezzlement and given a 5-year suspended sentence in February. Russian laws prohibit convicted criminals from running for office. Navalny says the charges against him are politically-motivated.
The Navalny Live team, based just outside Moscow city center, is also undeterred. “Navalny 2018” stickers are affixed to every laptop, and boxes of campaign signs …