ISIS has abducted and killed two Chinese nationals living in Pakistan, the terror group claimed.
China and Pakistan said on Friday that they were investigating the claim after a video appearing to show the pair was sent to journalists. 
The two victims have been described as teachers and were said to be a couple. 
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told the official Xinhua News Agency on Friday that the government was seeking information from Pakistani authorities. 
‘We have taken note of relevant reports and we express our grave concern. We have been trying to rescue the two kidnapped hostages over the past days,’ Hua was quoted as saying. 
She added: ‘The Chinese side is working to learn about and verify relevant information through various channels, including working with Pakistani authorities.’
Hua also stressed that China opposes terrorism and extreme violence in any form. 
In Islamabad, two Pakistani security officials said they were investigating the claim, but no bodies …