Fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces clashed with the Islamic State as they pushed into Raqqa from the north, east and west. Reuters reported that the US-backed coalition had made gains in the al-Mishlab and al-Sabahia districts of the de-facto capital of the Islamic State on Friday. These videos show fighters from the the Kurdish YPG faction in the al-Mishlab quarter of Raqqa. Credit: YPG Press Office via Storyful
The IS stronghold of Raqqa was bombed heavily overnight on Saturday, local time, with the terrorist group’s Amaq news agency revealing the damage.
In July 2014 Bakr al-Baghdadi, proclaimed a “caliphate” that covered territory in both Iraq and Syria.
False claims of his death have previously been reported.
Raqqa became a key city in IS’s self-declared caliphate, a hub for the organisation’s activities and attacks in Syria, Iraq and further afield.
IS took over all levels of civil administration, rewriting school curriculums, establishing Islamic courts and …