Donald Trump reportedly lambasted Nato allies at a dinner in Brussels, hours after he had already reproached them for not spending enough on defence.
The President has expressed scepticism of the 29-member alliance, and it wasn’t until Friday that he reaffirmed the US’s commitment to mutual defence of Nato members after weeks of uncertainty.
The US is currently one of five countries of the alliance that meets NATO members’ pledge to spend 2 per cer of GDP on defence.
In his speech in Brussels, Mr Trump had also reprimanded members, visibly unsettling heads of states, and demanded that they pay more toward Nato’s costs. But according to Foreign Policy magazine, he took it a step further at a confidential dinner with leaders following his remarks, saying that 2 per cent wasn’t enough and that allies should instead spend 3 per cent of GDP on defence.
The President also apparently threatened to cut US …