File photo dated 25/7/2016 of Arlene Foster (left), leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, with Prime Minister Theresa May. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Friday June 9, 2017. The Democratic Unionist Party, which increased its representation at Westminster from eight to 10, could potentially support Mrs May after the General Election resulted in a hung parliament. See PA story ELECTION Main. Photo credit should read: Charles McQuillan/PA Wire

The anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, pro-creationist DUP has now said it will prop up the Tories in order to form a government.
Sources initially suggested that Theresa May had the unofficial backing of the DUP – a socially conservative, pro-Brexit Northern Irish party.
Record number of openly gay MPs elected to House of Commons
Many are extremely concerned by the potential coalition, as the DUP is famously anti-reproductive choice, anti-same sex marriage, and pro-Brexit.
The party is also reportedly in favour of teaching ‘creationism’ in schools – an evangelical Christian belief that claims Darwin’s theories of evolution are incorrect.
This photo of former DUP leader Peter Robinson, who was involved in loyalist terror group Ulster Resistance, is also doing the rounds.
May said in a press conference outside Downing Street that the Tories and Unionist party ‘would come together and channel our energies towards a Brexit deal’, adding that it would be ‘in the interests …