The regional government of Catalonia has called a referendum on a split from Spain on 1 October.
The decision sets up a renewed confrontation with Madrid, which maintains such a vote is illegal and against the constitution.
No. Pro-independence campaigners staged a symbolic ballot on splitting from Spain in 2014, months after Scotland voted to stay in the UK.
Around two million people voted in favour of seceding in Catalonia in the ballot, which was non-binging.
Previous secessionist challenges in Catalonia were blocked by Spain’s conservative government, which appealed to the Constitutional Court.
No as much. The pro-independence movement has lost support since Spain returned to economic growth. The last poll showed that 44.3 percent backed a split from Spain, while 48.5 want to continue with the status quo.
However, polls show a majority of Catalans do want to hold a referendum on the question of independence.
There are likely …