Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement in Downing Street after she traveled to Buckingham Palace for an audience with Queen Elizabeth II following the General Election results.

An online petition demanding that the Conservatives scrap plans to form a government with DUP support, gained nearly 300,000 signatures in just 12 hours.
Signed by 278,843 people at the time of writing, it also calls for Theresa May to resign after she lost her parliamentary majority. 
Speaking outside No 10 after the result became clear, the prime minister said she would seek to form a minority government with a “confidence and supply” agreement with the Northern Irish party.
But the party is controversial for many of its illiberal stances on LGBT rights, abortion and climate change as well as its alleged links with unionist terrorists. 
Many commentators have condemned the move saying it could potentially destabilise the peace process in the country which is already under strain following the collapse of the power sharing agreement earlier this year. 
The UK and Irish governments are currently trying to mediate between the DUP and Irish nationalists to restore the Northern Irish government. 
Under the …