WikiLeaks offered a $10,000 bounty Monday aimed at getting a reporter for The Intercept fired, following the arrest of a government contractor who allegedly leaked an NSA report to the site. 
The Justice Department announced earlier Monday that it had arrested Reality Leigh Winner, a 25-year-old government contractor, for leaking classified documents to a news organization. It has been widely reported that Winner allegedly leaked documents from the NSA to The Intercept about Russian attempts to hack U.S. elections officials. 
Investigators were able to find Winner in part, according to a government court filings, because of clues gained when an Intercept reporter showed the leaked report to the government.
WikiLeaks tweeted late Monday night it would pay a $10,000 bounty “for information leading to the public exposure & termination of [the] ‘reporter'” who asked an government agency to verify a leaked report without removing possibly incriminating evidence about its leaker. 
It’s not clear which …