A wealthy Russian businessman who was allegedly poisoned with sorrel soup received a threatening text message the year before he died, an inquest has heard. 
Alexander Perepilichnyy, 44, collapsed and died while running near his £3 million home in Weybridge, Surrey, in November 2012.
The businessman’s death was originally attributed to natural causes, but traces of a chemical that can be found in the poisonous plant Gelsemium elegans were later found in his stomach.
Sent in June 2011, the text said: “Alexander you will go to prison really seriously for long. I can do that. If you want to live free and happily you have to pay 300,000 rubles [£6,000].”
She also put out a statement in which she stated that there was “absolutely no evidence to support the fanciful theories” about her late husband’s death which she said had caused “anguish and distress” to her and her children. 
The inquest, sitting at the Old …