The Survation poll for Good Moning Britain has put the Tories on 41.5 per cent, which is 16 points lower than the party’s position four weeks ago.
Jeremy Corbyn is closing in on 40.4 per cent, while the Lib Dems are on 6 per cent, leaving Ukip behind on a dismal 3 per cent.
The Conservatives had a commanding lead with the same pollster at the start of May, but more than half of those quizzed insist Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has been better than Theresa May’s.
Over the last four weeks, Britain has experienced two terrorist attacks, and Mrs May has faced a wrath of criticism for her inability to control the nation’s security.
During this time, Mrs May’s personal credibility rating dropped by 10 points, while Mr Corbyn enjoyed an increase of 15 points, pushing his reliability score to 36 per cent.
Mr Corbyn’s chances of getting into Number 10 seem to have increased …