London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it will be harder to stop future terrorist attacks if Prime Minister Theresa May wins Thursday’s general election and carries out planned changes to the Metropolitan Police’s funding.
In a statement that praised the “tremendous bravery” of police during the attack on Saturday night that left seven dead, Khan warned the U.K. capital would lose between 3,400 and 12,800 officers if the premier pushes through budget cuts proposed by her Conservative Party.
“The Conservative plans mean another 400 million pounds ($516 million) of cuts to the Met, as well as between 184 million pounds and 700 million pounds a year because of their changes to the police funding formula,” Khan, a member of the opposition Labour Party, said in an email. “Cuts on this scale would make it harder to foil future terrorist attacks on our city and as Mayor of London I’m simply not willing to stand …