Former FBI director James B. Comey will testify under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, a highly-anticipated political event which could have negligible impact or could just be the catalyst for the beginning of President Trump impeachment steps.
Mr Comey’s testimony is set to begin at 10am ET in D.C. (3pm BST in the UK), will be made public and should be very easy to watch.
The Independent will be carrying it live on our Facebook page, with live streams also expected on YouTube.
As for televised coverage, ABC and CBS have already confirmed they will break up their daytime programming to bring Americans the testimony live, anchored by George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Rose respectively.
In the UK, BBC News will broadcast the hearing and we’ve contacted the BBC to find out if the coverage will also make it onto BBC One or Two.
Mr Comey’s testimony comes pursuant to a meeting with …