Now, a political storm in Brazil. The president there is in a desperate fight to stay in office. And today, a court will hear a case that could see Michel Temer removed from the presidency over campaign finance violations. There’s also a larger corruption scandal causing Brazilians to search for new heroes in strange places. Here’s NPR’s Philip Reeves.
PHILIP REEVES, BYLINE: We’re in a bookshop with a huge line of people snaking through it. They’re here to meet a young guy called Deltan Dallagnol.
REEVES: Dallagnol’s signing copies of his new book. He poses for selfies with his fans who give him hugs and handshakes. Dallagnol’s not a famous writer or a showbiz celebrity but a federal attorney. This crowd considers him a hero because he’s lead prosecutor in an investigation that’s exposed a massive web of corruption known as Lava Jato or Car Wash.
The investigation’s led to …